MalangSwara 1.01

The soundscape creator

The soundscape creator

MalangSwara is the soundscape builder of your choice. With it you can build that sound environment that fits your needs. It can be really useful if you...

- work in an open and noisy environment and need to concentrate.

- need an appropriate atmosphere for your moments of relax.

- need any kind of sound isolation, maybe for meditation or studying.

- need an aid to get a well sleep.

- suffer from a nasty tinnitus that makes your life miserable.

And it is easy to use because all you need to know is how to use contextual menus and some practice! At the documentation you can follow a simple tutorial to begin. The rest is upon your imagination.

Download and listen to the samples at the website and judge by yourself!

No installer required: just decompress and go (or delete and forget).

To render your soundscapes to disk, you need third party software - learn more on the documentation.

The distribution only contains the soundsets required to follow the tutorial (to keep small the downloading size). Download the full sound sets at the website. You can also download project dumps to see how some of the samples have been built.

RAM and HD requirements will vary depending on both the size of your project and sounds you are using.

Tested on Windows XP SP3, Windows 7.1 and Windows 10, and in a virtual machine running Windows XP. It may (or may not) work on other Windows versions.

Please, read the license agreement before using MalangSwara. You can find it both at the website and at the documentation.

It's graphical and intuitive, built over sound machines, oscillators and contextual menus... and it's free. Also, you can create your own sound packages, or download the standard ones from the website at any time... and includes a visual effects screen to enhance your soundscaping experience.



MalangSwara 1.01